The Girl Scouts say the promise with pride and happiness. Children laugh with bright contagious smiles. The NEMJDS has a new addition to its family of after school activities! We now have a Girl Scout Troop! Exciting, right! The scouts meet once to twice a month. The troop is for all ages but is mainly targeted for kids kindergarten through fifth. This does not mean that your child cannot join the troop; the troop is welcoming to people of all ages. In this troop, there are the Daisies, which is kindergarten through first graders. The Brownies are second through third graders. In addition to that, there are also the Juniors which are fourth through fifth graders. The skills the participants learn can range from learning how to do a good deed to learning how to build a fire. Adi, a first grader, told the school news team, “I feel excited and happy. I’m excited about the different activities we are going to do. So far, we have learned how to sing the Girl Scout law, and we have learned how we can help our parents around the house. Our troop leader told us that after we do something nice for our parents in secret we can put a piece of paper saying a Daisy or Brownie was here.”
Girl Scouts helps you understand that everyone is perfect the way they are no matter who they are or what they are. The NEMJDS strives for kids to be accepting and tolerant of other people’s religions, races, and communities. This troop will help them learn and understand these exact things. Above all, in the Girl Scouts, you get to make lifelong friends that you can talk to about anything. I have been a Girl Scout for many years now, and as a result, the skills I have learned and are currently learning have helped me with accepting whatever is thrown at me. I have had many challenges in my path, and because the Girl Scout community is welcoming, it has helped me through those challenges. The overall Girl Scout community has many different activities throughout the year. During these activities, you meet all sorts of different people and do all sorts of different activities. For example, at KPC, the Girl Scout camp, you get to go kayaking, you get to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, and you get to do many many more fun and exciting activities. Ori, a third grader, told the school news team, “Being in the Girl Scouts is so much fun!! At one of our meetings, we had to work together to complete a puzzle. We also practiced the Girl Scout law, and we laid down on a white piece of paper and traced ourselves.” Hope to see your girls there!

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