There are microphones out with computers set to record you hear someone reading off of a script. This year the eighth grade is creating a podcast in Hebrew class called An American’s Guide to Israel. However, despite the name, the podcast is directed to anyone in the community, with both Hebrew and English portions. First, each student is assigned a section. For example, “Israeli Culture” or “This Month in Israeli History.” Afterwards, the students choose what subject their portion will be on. Next, they research the topic they chose and write their script. For instance, in the first episode of our podcast you will hear about a traditional Israeli breakfast. Finally, the students edit and upload their podcast to the school website which can be found by logging in to the parent portal on The students talked to two professionals after working on their first episode. First, Rachel Blair visited them and taught them how to edit the podcast. Afterwards, NEMJDS graduate, Shaina Shealy video called the studentsand taught them about journalism. The eighth graders have learned many skills from this experience. An example of this is communication skills. The students have to talk clearly and slowly when recording their portion. Therefore, they will be able to speak more clearly in their daily lives. One eighth grader, Noah said, “We are learning to form sentences in Hebrew better, and we’re learning Israeli history in the history part of the podcast.” Having the ability to speak conversationally in Hebrew is an important skill for someone who wants to go to Israel. The students are also learning how to edit audio which could be useful in later life as well. Although the students are learning a great deal of skills, you could also learn from it. Try listening to the podcast and see what you discover. 

Hello Mornings By: Annette Lichter

My previous principal always stated that the first thing a child should hear in the morning is a greeting and something kind and positive.

Happenings in Hebrew Class By: Sari Menaker

A part from all the fun, we are also learning the old fashion way by practicing our grammar and reading by reading interesting Judaic stories in Hebrew.

The Science Method By: Annette Troxell

At N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, we learn science by doing science.

News from the Art Room By: Claire Rottembourg

Picasso, Dubuffet, Vasarely, Escher, Matisse, Klee, Hundertwasser, are some of the artists who inspired us this first trimester in all grades.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle By: Doug Hocutt

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. The students at the NEMJDS take these three words very seriously. They have a passion for doing their part in preserving our environment and they are willing to do the work too.

Lady Liberty By: Janet Gresham

If you came into the school during the month of November, you may have noticed the display depicting New York Harbor.  This was a combination of work, not only across the curriculum, but also across grades!  In Humanities class, the sixth Grade read Emma’s Poemby Linda Glaser.  

Second Grade Superstars By: Julie Crapia

November and December have been a busy two months for 2nd grade.

Pausing to notice and appreciate By: Dovrat Duvdevani

Gratitude doesn’t just feel good. Like other positive emotions, feeling grateful on a regular basis can have a big effect on our lives. Brain research shows that positive emotions are good for our bodies, minds, and brains (like boosting the production of the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine).

Happenings in Hebrew By: Dani Kahn-Krell

We have had a wonderful year so far in the Upper School Hebrew classroom. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished

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