Have you ever been to this state’s capital? The 5th and 6th graders of the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School have! They recently went to the Alabama state capital, Montgomery, on a field trip. They toured the building that Alabama is governed from, as well as observing many artifacts and exploring American history in the Archives Museum. One of the students, Samuel, wrote this about the Archives, “Everything we saw in the Archives relates to today because all of those objects shaped our life. There were a couple of objects in there that really stood out to me. One was the Native American hatchet. I always have thought that the Native American things were cool, but it’s really amazing to see one of those artifacts in real life. “Another student, Edith, wrote this about Native Americans in Alabama, “I want to remember what the Creek town looked like. I want to remember this because it shows what Alabama looked like before European settlers came. Also, it is a big part of our history. They were the first people in America.” The students also learned about past racial inequality in the Rosa Parks Museum.

Montgomery Trip Article Continued: The students learned how to think creatively from this experience. They did this by thinking about why things like Jim Crow laws were created. JJ, a student in the 6th grade, said, “African American groups had an idea to start a bus boycott. This was the same boycott that lost the bus companies a lot of money. This gives us a very important lesson to never give up on things that you believe are right. Women stayed up all night just typing and copying by hand [to make the boycott happen].” Field trips like this also allow students to get out of the school building and see the world around them.

*Thank you to the drivers Doris Goldenberg, Jeremy Duvdevani, and Dan Weinrib.

Hello Mornings By: Annette Lichter

My previous principal always stated that the first thing a child should hear in the morning is a greeting and something kind and positive.

Happenings in Hebrew Class By: Sari Menaker

A part from all the fun, we are also learning the old fashion way by practicing our grammar and reading by reading interesting Judaic stories in Hebrew.

The Science Method By: Annette Troxell

At N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, we learn science by doing science.

News from the Art Room By: Claire Rottembourg

Picasso, Dubuffet, Vasarely, Escher, Matisse, Klee, Hundertwasser, are some of the artists who inspired us this first trimester in all grades.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle By: Doug Hocutt

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. The students at the NEMJDS take these three words very seriously. They have a passion for doing their part in preserving our environment and they are willing to do the work too.

Lady Liberty By: Janet Gresham

If you came into the school during the month of November, you may have noticed the display depicting New York Harbor.  This was a combination of work, not only across the curriculum, but also across grades!  In Humanities class, the sixth Grade read Emma’s Poemby Linda Glaser.  

Second Grade Superstars By: Julie Crapia

November and December have been a busy two months for 2nd grade.

Pausing to notice and appreciate By: Dovrat Duvdevani

Gratitude doesn’t just feel good. Like other positive emotions, feeling grateful on a regular basis can have a big effect on our lives. Brain research shows that positive emotions are good for our bodies, minds, and brains (like boosting the production of the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine).

Happenings in Hebrew By: Dani Kahn-Krell

We have had a wonderful year so far in the Upper School Hebrew classroom. Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished

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