Recently, the eighteenth school gala was held to help fund the school. Do you know what the gala is? The gala is a gathering of people, including students’ parents. It raises money for the school by holding an auction. At the auction, various items and appealing artwork are for sale, including art made by the students. All of the money earned from the auction goes toward funding unique learning opportunities. Thanks to these opportunities funded by the gala, NEMJDS students have an edge in education that students in other schools don’t have. Thanks to the gala, we have access to things like Dash and Dot, which give students a chance to learn about coding. Now, because it was the eighteenth gala, it was called “Chai Tide”, because the numerical value of the letters ח and י equals 18. The lead organizers for the event this year were Arlene Goldstein and Ellen Sokol. About 150-200 people came to the gala, but there were others that bid on items online. Speaking of bidding, Bruce Sokol bought a 2012 National Championship football signed by Nick Saban. Another eye-catching item, a $1000 gift certificate for hair styling, was donated by David Sebbag. Thanks to contributors like them, we raised over $27,000 in the auction this year and over $100,000 in all!
The gala is organized and hosted every year by volunteers, not the school staff. Many of the people who work at the gala are volunteers as well. Alumni and students in the upper school have the option of volunteering at the gala to serve as waiters. They offer appetizers to the people there, and eventually, food is set out for the people attending to eat. The food is very tasty. This gives students who volunteer a chance to talk with their friends who have left the school when they are taking a break. This makes students and alumni more willing to go. Other volunteers include teachers and Day School parents registering people entering the gala. When it is over, the volunteers figure out who bought what and give it to them. Even though I’ll be a graduate next year, I’m still looking forward to the gala next year!

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