Judaic Studies 

An emphasis on Jewish values begins in the classroom and extends to service projects performed throughout the community. Judaic classes include time devoted to the mastery of modern and traditional Jewish texts and the knowledge of Jewish history and culture from life cycle events to holidays. Judaic classes integrate core writing and analysis skills, reinforcing our general studies goals as well.

Our Hebrew curriculum provides a comprehensive language experience for our students. We assess each student’s abilities and provide materials, activities and projects to help them reach their potential. Our core curriculum is Tal-Am, which uses active, multi-sensory language instruction and immersion through a wealth of wonderful materials. The curriculum is enriched through project-based activities to improve reading comprehension, grammatical skills, writing and oral communication skills, and increased fluency and language mastery.

Our Guiding Jewish Values


Enabling all members of our families to share in the richness of the Day School as a Jewish learning community and serving as an extended family creating a safe and nurturing environment.

G-d and Holiness

Creating a sacred place where G-d’s presence is honored.


Developing people who care about others, are moral, respectful, and choose to do the right thing with a loving heart.

Tikkun Olam(Repair of the World)

Instilling a sense of responsibility for improving the world through acts of Tzedakah (charity), Chesed(loving kindness), and Kavod (honor).

Torah Study

Studying Torah and other traditional and modern Jewish texts resulting in Judaic confidence and a lifelong love of learning.

Tradition and Ritual

Encouraging the Day School family to express their Judaism by actively involving themselves in Jewish practice.