Why a Jewish Day School?


Jewish days schools are the energizing nucleus of the North American Jewish community. Research shows Jewish day school graduates are more compassionate, more engaged in their communities, and more civically aware than their peers from other school settings.

Education & Culture

The Jewish day school has no equal – it provides an unparalleled and unprecedented level of religious, cultural, moral, linguistic, and secular education to students from across the spectrum of Jewish life in North America.Jewish day schools provide early exposure to and constant, daily reinforcement of a second language (Hebrew) from the first day of kindergarten through the close of eighth grade. Because of the core values that guide them, Jewish day schools promote outstanding morals, ethics, and values.


There is universal consensus within the Jewish community that the day school is the single most effective vehicle for the transmission of Jewish knowledge and the single best safeguard for a vibrant Jewish future.

Why our Jewish Day School?

“There is a commitment to the whole child – not just academic achievement but…are they a good person?”

Annette Troxell

NEMJDS Teacher (1996-present)

“We’ve been blessed with good leadership that has a burning desire to maintain a school of excellence.”

Hal Abroms

Community Leader

“I want to commend the school not only for incorporating lessons about social justice into the curriculum, but also for trusting (and indeed, expecting) young students to absorb, process, and integrate such important real world lessons into their own lives as future citizen – leaders.”

Jem Lamb

NEMJDS Parent (2015-present)

“Apart from my parents, my Day School education has more to do with who and what I am today than almost any other influence in my life. The Day School taught me to be a proud, knowledgeable Jew and to have a strong Jewish identity and firm core values. To put it simply, the Day School made me a better person. Academically, the Day School truly did prepare me for my legal career. The critical thinking skills I learned by analyzing Torah and engaging in discussions over Talmudic issues helped me succeed in law school and continue to help me today.”

Sam Friedman

NEMJDS Alum, Attorney at Law, Sirote and Permutt

“I am so grateful for my parents’ decision to send me to NEMJDS. The education I received there was really tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. I remember being pushed to succeed and wanting to succeed because of how much I respected my teachers. I have been working hard to achieve my goals ever since.”

Carlie Stein

NEMJDS Alum, Medical Resident, UAB

“The Day School was in fact what got me interested in what I do today. I work at NASA as a flight controller for the International Space Station watching over the crew as they expand humankind’s knowledge in the pursuit of science, technological research, and exploration. In September of 1988, I was in Mrs. Goldman’s third grade class. She had us stop and watch TV coverage of the shuttle Discovery’s return to flight as the first post-Challenger shuttle launch. She even let us watch the post-launch coverage, and I became hooked! The Day School faculty supported this obsession from day one, and for my next five years at the school, they helped me find books to read on the subject, they encouraged me to do school projects on spaceflight and NASA – they supported every ounce of fanaticism that an eight to thirteen year old kid could have.The Day School instilled in all of us to follow our dreams, and I have had the privilege of being in Mission Control during some of the most exciting and amazing events of human spaceflight over the last decade.”

Barry Tobias

NEMJDS Alum, Flight Controller, NASA