3rd and 4th Grade Hebrew by: Sari Menaker

Hebrew lessons are accompanied by a lot of singing. It’s an excellent and fun way to learn vocabulary. In addition to the usual frontal learning, adding the songs enriches learning and helps to practice.

Students as Teachers by Katherine Kimerling Bromberg

As a teenager, I remember my favorite way to study for an exam was to teach the material to someone else. At the time, though, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the effectiveness of this study technique; I just knew that it seemed to work well.

Read Across America – Read All About It By: Amber Lansdell

This week, NEMJDS K-2 students are participating in the NEA’s (National Education Association) National Read Across America week. Read Across America Week is a reading initiative that began back in 1997. This is a week to celebrate all things literacy and reading, and...

Field Trip to American Village By: Amber Lansdell

The Kindergarten and first graders have had a very busy month! Kindergarten and first grade joined forces during the month of February to learn about our country.

Future Entreprenures By: Janet Gresham

The Third and Fourth Graders are excited about creating their own “Food Truck” businesses.

Intergrating Everything at the Day School By: Annette Troxell

You may wonder how we manage to teach everything we need to teach, given the dual curriculum at N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, but the curriculum actually offers us an opportunity to teach both content and skills in creative ways.

Chai-Way to Health By Nancy Cook

On Tuesday, February 5th, our students will host a Healthy Information Fair for parents, students, staff and invited guests. Each class will provide instruction and learning activities to help others understand how food and activity affect the body. It’s all about making good food and drink choices for both parents and kids. The topics are: The Nutritional Food Plate, First Aid, Heart Health, Drink Nutrition and Dental Health, and Nutrition comparisons between whole food and processed food.

Laying Down the Law By: Amber Lansdell

The first graders here at NEMJDS have been very busy writing nonfiction teaching books as well as learning about our great country.

Choose Kind Day- Leadership and Kindness with the 5th Grade By: Liora Chessin

This year our fifth graders read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder, a favorite among NEMJDS students, is the story of August Pullman, a fifth grader with a craniofacial anamoly, and his experiences going from home school to public school. This books focuses on kindness and the importance of point of view.

Music in the Classroom By Claire Rottembourg

Music appreciation is our main focus this year and we are covering three main periods of classical music by having our eighth graders put together a slideshow on Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music. 



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