Our Board

The N.E. Miles Jewish Day School (NEMJDS) Board of Directors is composed of members who embody the broad and diverse nature of Birmingham’s Jewish Community.  According to the by-laws, the Board of Directors is comprised of at least nineteen and not more than thirty four members with representation from the three local synagogues, Chabad, the Levite Jewish Community Center, and constituents of the Birmingham Jewish Federation and Collat Jewish Family Services. The chairperson of the NEMJDS Endowment Advisory Committee, the president of the Parent-Teacher Association of the NEMJDS and the immediate Past President of the NEMJDS Board of Directors shall also be a Director. Additional seats on the board are filled by Day School alumni, parents, and community leaders.

Executive Committee 2020-2021

Co-President Sam Friedman
Co-President Bruce Downs
Administrative Vice President Brooke Kaplan
Vice President of Education and Personnel Sheri Krell
Vice President of PR and Recruitment Carlie Stein Somerville
Vice President of Ways and Means Ilene Kosoff
Treasurer Jan Jaffe
Secretary Sarah Abroms Kunin
Head of School Debra Abolafia
Immediate Past President Susan Greene
Parent Association President Lauren Curnutt

Board of Directors

Barbara Brande Jamie Odrezin Josh Rutsky
Steve Brickman Lynn Raviv Evan Salter
Julie Cohen Nadav Raviv Sarah Schaeffer
Jackie Feldman Marc Rice Andrea Shapiro
Kendal Jaffe David Romanoff Asaf Stein
Florina Newcomb Danielle Rosenbaum
Jessica Nissenbaum Robbie Rothenberg

Ex Officio: Rabbi Stephen Slater, Rabbi Moshe Rube, Lauren Schwartz, Richard Friedman, Sally Friedman, Cantor Jessica Ruskin, Rabbi Yossi Posner, Rabbi Adam Wright

Interested in Volunteering?

Our volunteers are key members of our Day School Family. From tutoring, to administrative work, to helping out on special days, our volunteers are vital in assisting that our school is always performing at the top level.

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering, please reach out to us!