What is a Dual Curriculum?

The unique academic program at NEMJDS is a "dual curriculum". This means that students study a "General Studies" curriculum which matches a traditional independent school program. General Studies includes formal study at every grade level of Language Arts and Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, we have a "Judaic Studies" curriculum which combines Torah study and Jewish history, values, and traditions with Hebrew language instruction.

At each grade level, enrichment classes such as Gym, Art, Music, Library, and Computer are taught in a manner appropriate to the age of the students. Upper School Students, Grades 6 through 8, choose elective courses each trimester in both General and Judaic Studies to further their knowledge in an area of their choice.

To complement the dual nature of our curriculum, teachers work to integrate General Studies and Judaics so that each area reinforces the other. For example, research on the State of Israel for Hebrew class reinforces both writing and technology skills. The goal of the dual curriculum is to produce knowledgeable citizens of the United States who have a strong sense of religious identity, and who are well rounded in their artistic, athletic, and interpersonal development. In addition, this spirited program is intended to create a sense of commitment to community, positive self-esteem, and respect for diversity.







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