Art: Creativity and artistic skill are developed through weekly art classes for Kindergarten through fifth grade students, and a weekly elective is offered for Upper School students. Classes center on the instruction of the fundamentals of art through a variety of art media. Each grade is provided with instruction, vocabulary, and art resources according to their developmental level.

Computer/Technology: Technology plays an important role in the overall curriculum. Our computer lab and our mobile laptop lab offer students ample opportunity to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones, including software mastery, keyboarding skills, and internet research skills. A SMART Boardâ„¢ is available for Kindergarten and Grade 1. New for 2012-2013, NEMJDS is proud to offer iPads for the Upper School. Research has shown the versatility and advantages that tablet computing offers, from student engagement to differentiation and collaboration. Migration from one operating system to another and maintaining state of the art systems is a priority at NEMJDS. Students are encouraged to explore the world via the internet, DVD and peer to peer presentations. Of utmost concern is the safety aspect of exploring the world via the internet. Care is taken to make certain our students view safe, secure sites.

Library: The philosophy of the library is to help each student to improve his/her reading and research skills. Kindergarten through fifth grade students attend formal library class each week. The library houses over 1600 Accelerated Reader tests which assess reading comprehension. These tests serve as motivators to increase reading time and reading level. The library also serves as a resource for all teachers who want to provide more in depth material classroom subjects. The library is constantly seeking new books and series that inspire students to find a passion for reading.

Music: The music program varies according to grade level. Students in Kindergarten and grade one participate in a General Music/Singing class once a week. Students in grades two through five learn to play the recorder and drums, read music and play cooperatively in unison.

Physical Education: Emphasis on fitness and health has become the focus of the physical education program since 2001. P.E. is scheduled twice a week for Kindergarten through fifth grade students and daily for Upper School students. A variety of games, activities and sports skills are introduced to provide students with a wide range of opportunities for learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Students in Kindergarten through third grades are encouraged to develop their physical skills in an active, cooperative manner. Grades four through eight are introduced to more competitive activities and sports with emphasis on cooperation and sportsmanship. Fitness is an integral part of the P.E. classes as reflected in overall scores on the Presidential Challenge Fitness Test.







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