February Newsletter

Intergrating Everything at the Day School By: Annette Troxell

You may wonder how we manage to teach everything we need to teach, given the dual curriculum at N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, but the curriculum actually offers us an opportunity to teach both content and skills in creative ways.

Chai-Way to Health By Nancy Cook

On Tuesday, February 5th, our students will host a Healthy Information Fair for parents, students, staff and invited guests. Each class will provide instruction and learning activities to help others understand how food and activity affect the body. It’s all about making good food and drink choices for both parents and kids. The topics are: The Nutritional Food Plate, First Aid, Heart Health, Drink Nutrition and Dental Health, and Nutrition comparisons between whole food and processed food.

Laying Down the Law By: Amber Lansdell

The first graders here at NEMJDS have been very busy writing nonfiction teaching books as well as learning about our great country.

Choose Kind Day- Leadership and Kindness with the 5th Grade By: Liora Chessin

This year our fifth graders read the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder, a favorite among NEMJDS students, is the story of August Pullman, a fifth grader with a craniofacial anamoly, and his experiences going from home school to public school. This books focuses on kindness and the importance of point of view.

Learning about Plants By: Annette Lichter

We have just completed our first month of Kindergarten and already we have become scientists! A highlight this month has been our science unit on the life cycle of a plant. We learned that a plant needs water and nutrients from the soil to survive. We experimented...

Car Line Leaders By: Janet Gresham

How do you become a car line helper? You apply! This year we had our upper school students apply for this leadership opportunity. These very conscientious students filled out an application, interviewed and got the job! Ordinarily you would not see these students...

Welcoming the New Year By: Frumie Posner

One of my favorite books is  What's Jewish About Butterflies? by Maxine Segal Handelman. At the NEMJDS, we do our best to integrate all our subjects to give our students a more holistic approach to learning. So, what's Jewish about a pomegranate? Our students learned...

The Mindful Brain By: Katherine Kimerling Bromberg

This month in Yoga and Mindfulness, the Upper School students have been exploring THE BRAIN — How does it work? What role do different parts of the brain play? How can understanding our brain help us — both in school and in life? So far we have focused on three parts...

Back to School By: Julie Crapia

Second grade is off to a great start. We have already begun reading some great books and learning about some of the best authors.

Staying Fit and Having Fun By: Nancy Cook

Greetings from the Department of Physical Education! Why are Tuesdays and Thursdays filled with excitement? It’s Sneaker Day! Well, technically it’s P.E. Day, but that involves everyone remembering to wear their athletic shoes.



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