In Kindergarten it is time to learn some of the many music symbols, sing with all our heart and dance with the beat! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve learnt!
First graders are now getting serious about putting music notes AND rhythms together. We even write our own music following strict rules and play it. “It’s really music AND math”, said one of our first grader! Drum circle will be soon on our list of activities in the classroom.
Second graders can now play DUETS on their recorders and realize how good it sounds! We plan on getting more belts for the recorder karate challenge we started at the beginning of the year.
Third and fourth graders have started a unit on keyboard. They’ve learned they can use all ten fingers on the piano and are making stunning progress.
Our fifth graders are experiencing drum improvisation, learning new rhythm patterns, can decipher and play a eight-instrument music score, and are continuing to explore the world of classical music.
The sixth graders have started their unit on GarageBand, an application that allow them to compose music with drums, melody, bass and to edit it. There is A LOT to learn with this app and the creativity of our students is endless.
Music appreciation is our main focus this year and we are covering three main periods of classical music by having our eighth graders put together a slideshow on Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music.