On Tuesday, February 5th, our students will host a Healthy Information Fair for parents, students, staff and invited guests. Each class will provide instruction and learning activities to help others understand how food and activity affect the body. It’s all about making good food and drink choices for both parents and kids. The topics are: The Nutritional Food Plate, First Aid, Heart Health, Drink Nutrition and Dental Health, and Nutrition comparisons between whole food and processed food.
Students will walk the CHAI-WAY to Health between 1-2pm with their Mishpacha Families. Parents and invited guests will travel down the CHAI-WAY between 2-3pm, and we will highlight our afternoon with two basketball games featuring 5th, 6th  and 8th grade students between 3:05-3:25, followed by dismissal.
It is SO important to role model good eating habits for your children. They will ultimately do what you do, not always what you say. Please come and open a dialog about making good food and drink choices on our CHAI-WAY to Health!
I want to thank the following professionals for assisting in this adventure: Dr. Sarah Kunin – Dr. Jamie Odrezin – Emily Friedman, RN – Dr. Carlie Stein Somerville – Maria Azrad PhD of Nutritional Sciences. They have been with your child teaching and helping them with their projects.