You may wonder how we manage to teach everything we need to teach, given the dual curriculum at N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, but the curriculum actually offers us an opportunity to teach both content and skills in creative ways. Recently, Chanukah gave us just such an opportunity. You may have seen the display at the school during the holiday.
This was a project completed in “General Studies” class. The assignment being to read and complete a “book report” on a Chanukah themed book. If you look closer, you’ll see…
This was a great way to teach about literary elements such as setting, character, plot and especially theme, since that is something we’ve been focused on all year.  Teaching in context adds depth and meaning to learning, since it focuses on topics that are important in our students’ lives.
Another example of ways to integrate subjects also had to do with Chanukah and eighth grade Science. These students also read short, Chanukah themed books, but they used their robotics skills and ozobots to animate their stories. Again, this afforded the students an opportunity to practice their planning and robotics skills in a context that is meaningful to them.
Ultimately, we want our students to gain understanding across the curriculum – to learn skills deeply, so that they can be generalized and applied consistently. Teaching integrated units facilitates this kind of learning.
The Eigth Graders are working on a robotics competition through Wonder Workshop. Their team name is the “Magic City Slickers” & their robot is a “Cue” nicknamed “Slick”. Many thanks to Duncan Lamb for coaching the team