The first graders here at NEMJDS have been very busy writing nonfiction teaching books as well as learning about our great country. Each day during writing time, our first graders are taking on the role of a teacher and writing books about butterflies, giraffes, soccer, iPads, traffic lights, tennis, and so much more! They are really working hard to learn new strategies to make their books interesting and keep the attention of their readers. Some of these strategies include thinking about questions their readers might have, using size, shape and color words, giving examples, making comparisons, among other writing techniques. Our first graders are amazing nonfiction authors! At the end of our unit, they will publish their SECOND book of the year.
In addition to writing nonfiction teaching books, the first graders recently began a unit entitled, “America.” They began the unit learning all about laws. After learning about laws, they wrote their own. Their laws ranged from super silly to serious. Other topics they will learn about during this unit are American symbols, the Pledge of Allegiance, important presidents of our past, as well as what voting is and why it’s important. As you can see, there is never a dull moment in first grade. Let the learning continue!