Judaic Studies

The Judaics program at N.E. Mile Jewish Day School weaves together Hebrew language instruction with Jewish history, values, and traditions, text study, and the study of the State of Israel.

Judaics classes include time devoted to the mastery of modern and traditional Jewish texts and developing knowledge of all aspects of Jewish history and culture from Life Cycle events to Holidays to the creation of the State of Israel. An emphasis on Jewish values, begins in the classroom and extends to service projects performed throughout the community. Click here for an explanation of our Guiding Jewish Values. Judaics classes integrate core writing and analysis skills, reinforcing General Studies goals as well.

Our Hebrew curriculum provides a comprehensive language immersion experience for our students. An emphasis is placed on spoken Hebrew language, which is integrated throughout our school environment. Grades 1 through 5 utilize the TAL-AM program for Hebrew. TAL-AM uses active, multi-sensory language instruction and immersion. During these years, students learn to read, write and speak the language. In Grades 4 and above, the Hebrew curriculum focuses on reading comprehension, grammatical skills, writing and oral communication skills, and increasing fluency and language mastery.

The Judaics experience at NEMJDS is enhanced through experiential learning trips. In the 5th grade students attend a Jewish Environmental Trip where students study nature and the environment through a Jewish and spiritual lens.







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