The Kindergarten and first graders have had a very busy month! Kindergarten and first grade joined forces during the month of February to learn about our country. We used videos and other digital media to learn about symbols of our great country, the Pledge of Allegiance, voting, and the job of the president. We began by learning about the flag, and continued our studies with the Statue of Liberty, White House, Bald Eagle, and more.
After we learned about American symbols, we moved on to learning about the pledge. We may say the pledge at baseball games and other sporting events. However, do we really know what we ae saying? The kindergarten and first grade students can now tell you that we are making a pledge (promise) to our country to be good citizens, treat people fairly, and uphold the duty (vote) of our freedom.
We wrapped up our unit with learning about what it means to vote, as well as, the jobs of the president. The first graders even held a mock election by listening to two speeches and voting on a candidate to run our pretend city. They did a great job of listening to the speeches, really thinking about how the values of the candidate matched or did not match their own beliefs. We also learned that the president wears many hats meaning he or she has many jobs to do.
As a culminating activity, kindergarten and first graders ventured over to American Village. At American Village, we furthered our learning by taking part in several different historical vignettes. It may have been a rainy day, but we still enjoyed our trip. When life gives you lemons… Our favorite vignette was “Choose Your George!” where we learned the differences between a monarchy and a republic. King George III and George Washington themselves answered questions, so we could choose which George and government we preferred.