The Third and Fourth Graders are excited about creating their own “Food Truck” businesses.  This project throws the students into the start up world of running a business.  Students are creating a name, logo, menu, prices, and marketing materials for their very own food truck.  Students will also be building a scale 3D model of their food truck using the properties of geometry. To begin their adventure, they are mastering a computer challenge that requires them to figure out a floor plan for different sections of a designated space within certain area and perimeter restrictions.  (Suddenly, all those math facts we’ve been working on came in handy!)  In art class, students will be working on the exterior design of their trucks as well as making professional looking logos.  We’re in for an extra special learning experience when Rafa’s Dad comes to talk with these young entrepreneurs about financial literacy and the basics of cost, profit, debt, and taxes.  This Project Based Learning activity focuses on the real-world application of math concepts used in building and designing businesses while practicing problem-solving skills, collaboration, and imagination.