At the NEMJDS, students prepared for Rosh Hashanah in a plethora of fun and creative ways. Here is a small sampling….
  • We listened to the Sound of the Shofar each morning.
  • We wrote and decorated Shana Tova (New Year) cards for our parents and members of the Jewish community.
  • Each class enjoyed a pomegranate, and then counted the seeds. (Jewish tradition teaches that pomegranates have approximately 613 seeds like the number of mitzvot in the Torah.)
  • We wrote a book called “Brown Shofar, Brown Shofar, What Do You See?” (Click to read)
  • Mr. Martin Stein (father of Day School Alums Reuben and JJ) spoke to our upper school about: The Amazing World of Honey Bees.
Most importantly, we continue to self reflect, and become the best version of ourselves…Shana Tova U”Metukah!!!!