N.E. Miles is fortunate to add both new and returning teachers to the faculty this year. Yossi Brock, Chen Shterenbach, Alia Carter and Rick Hopkins were asked to share their impressions of the first two weeks of school. Here are some of their thoughts:
“Singing along with the students at our weekly Kabbalat Shabbat has been very heartwarming. Watching the next generation learn our unifying nigunim (songs without words) is a truly uplifting experience.” Yossi Brock (Kindergarten)
“The first few weeks of school were full of excitement and joyfulness. Seeing new faces and smiles, greeting new parents and meeting with the new staff was pure pleasure. When thinking about Jewish values, the faces and names of each one of the students comes to mind. Their dedication and hard work can be seen in everything they do. Helping others is not just a word on the board but real actions that take place every day, in and out of the classroom. Being there to see the smiles on their faces when they talk, participate or just share their ideas and being recognized for their opinions means the world to me. I am honored to be here and to see how they enjoy the class and do their best to fulfill their potential as students and, most importantly, as human beings in our community.” Chen Shterenbach (Hebrew Language, grades 3-7)
“I am happy to be teaching again at the NEMJDS. The students, teachers, and parents have made me feel welcomed; this school is a very special place. My biggest challenge is keeping up with the daily schedule, it changes every day. My goal is to have it down pat by September! My next challenge is also the most rewarding part of teaching, so far. Every day, the students have another question for me, ‘Why is a banana considered a berry? If we took trees into space, would there be oxygen for us to breathe?’ or ‘Given the large amount of space between atoms and atoms make up everything in our world, can we actually touch anything?’ These questions are based on things the students have heard or read online and challenge me to find ways for all of us to discover the answers together. These questions also challenge me to feed their curiosity about their world as we build discussions and lessons around their inquisitiveness. These questions challenge me to make science more than something you do in a classroom, but a part of everyday life. We do the same with math; not only are we solving problems, we are understanding how the presented mathematical relationships connect to the world and I am looking forward to what this school year will bring for the students and myself. I always learn something new with each day.” Alia Carter (Upper School Science and Math)
“There is a relationship between being physically fit and academically fit …my passion is to influence students by teaching lasting values through the venue of Sports and Recreation. I am so excited to be teaching at the Day School, I know it’s going to be a great year!” Rick Hopkins (P.E.)
Welcome to Yossi, Chen, Alia, and Rick. We are so glad to have you in our Day School Family!