Hebrew lessons are accompanied by a lot of singing. It’s an excellent and fun way to learn vocabulary. In addition to the usual frontal learning, adding the songs enriches learning and helps to practice. Since the beginning of the year, the students have made two video clips. One, when we studied the biases of I, you, he, they, and we. The students sang and played the camera a song / children’s game “Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar”. Second, when we studied the subject of clothes and the verb “to dress”, the students presented and sang the song “Who Knows Why the Zebra Is Putting Pajamas” on the camera, where they exchanged many clothes. Students also enjoy preforming in front of their parents. At Kabbalat Shabbat, they sang two songs on different subjects, the first one on a very wide subject- “Emotions”. The students learned many new words with the song and presented it to the audience so that the audience could understand even if they did not understand the language. Through this song the students learned about 50 new words. The second song was about the months of the year – which was an excellent way to quickly learn the names of the Hebrew months in the right order. – The songs were complex but the students sang them with great success.
On the next Kabbalat Shabbat, the third and fourth grades will appear again and now with Purim songs – all of you are invite!