Specialty Programs


Students further develop their creativity and artistic skill through weekly art classes. Our classes focus on instruction in the fundamentals of art through a variety of art media. Each grade receives instruction, vocabulary, and art resources according to developmental level. Student artwork is displayed throughout the school to celebrate students’ creativity.


Taught by a Sorbonne-educated symphony musician, our unique music program is tailored to each grade level. Students in kindergarten and first grade participate in a general music and singing class once a week. Students in grades two through eight learn to play the recorder, drums, and ukulele as well as read music and play cooperatively in unison. Students who take private music lessons are encouraged to share their talents during school performances. 


An increasing number of studies have shown the potential benefits of mindfulness practices for students’ physical health, psychological well-being, social skills, and academic performance. Our students take yoga weekly from a certified yoga instructor. These classes build practices and habits that will benefit our students now and as they mature.

Physical education

Emphasis on fitness and health has become the focus of the physical education program since 2001. A variety of games, activities, and sports skills are introduced to provide students with a wide range of opportunities for learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Students in kindergarten through third grade are encouraged to develop their physical skills in an active, cooperative manner. Grades four through eight are introduced to more competitive activities and sports with emphasis on cooperation and sportsmanship.

Youth Philanthropy, Social Justice, and Leadership

The Abroms Center for Excellence Youth Philanthropy, Leadership, and Social Justice Initiative is an experiential learning class where Upper School students learn about nonprofits, fundraise, and allocate money in an end-of-the-year ceremony. Throughout the program, students identify areas of interest and learn about corresponding organizations in the community. Students look at social injustices and develop relationships with organizations and people who work to make our world a better place. Through this class, students develop leadership skills and embrace the value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.

Innovative Learning

Equipped with two ClearTouch Boards and student desktop computers, our open-air Innovative Learning Center (ILC) serves as a flexible library, technology, and meeting space. Each grade participates in weekly innovative learning classes to enrich their dual curriculum through computer science and robotics. These classes support the necessary skills of creativity, problem solving, and collaboration. Students also have access to several Hebrew and English texts and can use the Innovative Learning Center for research. Additionally, the ILC serves as an alternative classroom space.


Leadership Through Library

The Leadership Through Library Pilot Program is a unique leadership journey designed especially for our fifth grade students. As part of this program, students set goals as a team, work weekly shifts to check out books, advertise new books, graph and analyze data, write persuasively, work together to get the school excited about reading, and more. Students also explore the library resources in our Birmingham community through the lens of librarians. Through this program, students serve our school community, develop leadership skills, and strengthen their academic skills.