Application Process

We accept applications for admission year round!

A complete application includes:

  • All enrollment forms completed
  • $450 registration fee (applied towards security and technology fees)
  • Teacher Recommendations:
    • One is required for entering kindergartners
    • Two are required for entering first through eighth graders
  • Current Transcripts for entering first through eighth graders
  • School Visitation arranged with the Director of Admissions

For more information about our admission process, please contact the Director of Advancement, Rebekah Weinberger, at


All forms for new enrollment for the 2021-2022/5781-5782 academic year must be completed and submitted through Gradelink and a Teacher Recommendation Form must be sent into the N. E. Miles Jewish Day School office.

To start the admissions process, create an account on Gradelink. Follow the link that was sent to your email and review and complete all forms and press submit. An employee will contact you after reviewing your application.

These forms are for new students only and should be submitted to the student(s) previous teacher(s).

Teacher Recommendation Form: Kindergarten 

Teacher Recommendation Form: Grades 1-4

Teacher Recommendation Form: Grades 5-8

The NEMJDS Zoo Written by: JJ Stein – 8th grade student

You may have heard that we have quite a zoo in the science lab, with species ranging from reptiles to rodents. Last year, when I first met the animals, I walked into the science lab expecting nothing, and found out we had a snake and a lizard. Of course, the first...

What is a Mitzvah Mask?

When we think about doing a mitzvah, we think about the giving of ourselves, our time, and/or our money to others. But what about the act of doing something outside our comfort zone to benefit our school's kehillah? Students, staff, and faculty are required to wear...

Attitude is the Difference Between an Ordeal and an Adventure

To paraphrase an old adage, “an attitude is a terrible thing to waste”. A positive attitude helps all of us become the resourceful and resilient individuals that we are striving to be. So why waste the energy it takes to maintain a negative view of the world? The...

September 21, 2020

Dear Families, All is well, and as it is the beginning of the new year, I thought it was a good time for a check in! As we enter our High Holiday season, I look back on our first month of school with amazement. Even with all our new policies, re-organization of...

Rock Challenge Post

The N. E. Miles Jewish Day School’s Youth Philanthropy Class presents: The R.O.C.K. Challenge: Random Opportunities to Choose KindnessHere’s how it works 1. Scan the QR codes below 2. Pick one challenge that you will do 3. Report your choice and your success on the...

Some Words of Wisdom from New and Returning Teachers

N.E. Miles is fortunate to add both new and returning teachers to the faculty this year. Yossi Brock, Chen Shterenbach, Alia Carter and Rick Hopkins were asked to share their impressions of the first two weeks of school. Here are some of their thoughts:

2019 – 2020 “Leadership Through Library”

Eli Brook, Abigail White, Isaac Rutsky, and Laila Fenton will be the NEMJDS librarians this year.

Kindergarten Celebrates Shabbat

In Kindergarten, we are learning Hebrew letters by matching them to Judaic values and lessons.

What Makes a Mensch?

As you enter the lobby of the Day School, you will notice a display of our “Mission, Vision and Values, as well as the twelve middot (values) from our “Middot Calendar”.

ABC Countdown Calendar By: Amber Lansdell

My how time flies when you’re having fun! We cannot believe that we only have 6 more days until the end of the school year.